Women Sharing

Reflection by Mary E. Latela. January 8, 2017

You know about “deja vu” – how something happens and you have a sharp recall of the very same thing having happened in the past. Related to this situation is having something happen in the present which sharply maps out this happening in the past, even step by step. .

For example, my dear friend Beryl Kingston @berylkingston, is a prolific author of novels set on the other side of the pond. She has written some powerful novels about growing up in Great Britain, during the war and afterward. One of my favorites is a trilogy, about a woman named Olivia. She is a smart young woman, she marches with the suffragettes, and dedicates herself to improving education for girls and boys. That collection came to mind today as I half-listened to speakers orating about planned parenthood, the rights of a woman, even the vote. This can’t be happening again, can it?

We mothers (and fathers) have the right and duty to teach our children about right and wrong, about responsibility and choice. And I believe that we who have come so far need to reach into the memory bank and retell those life-changing stories to our daughters, to their daughters.




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