My name is Discovering Sooz and I judge people.

Sooz, just today at lunch with a friend, I said I have to stop judging people! Really! I think the healthiest thing I can do to reduce judging others is to turn off the volume on so much of the drivel around us, and I don’t mean just political talk. To have a moment or two of quieting, in-and-out breathing, makes me feel more energized. You are not alone, Sooz. Write again if you like. @LatelaMary

Discovering Sooz

I see posts all over social media, with little messages about not judging others…. And I like them! However…

In my brain I’m practically Judge Rinder (or Judy if you’re in the U.S), I’m that judgey!

My internal judging is usually accompanied by numerous questions:

Why would you do that?
What are you doing?
Who are you trying to fool?

I talk about social media a lot throughout my blog and I see some pictures/profiles and I know those people who are sharing pictures or status’ that are absolute bulls**t and it annoys me.

By now you’re probably wondering why its any of my business… I am too, believe me!

I’m not perfect, no where near, I wonder what makes people make the choices they do. I was about to write, I wish some people could see, but, they’d only be seeing from my point of view, and I can’t…

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