Marching in the Streets of America

Marching in the Streets of America by Mary E Latela

January 21, 2017

We saw men, women, kids, babies on the streets of the USA today, marching in protest against the prospect of a historical downturn of human rights, women’s rights, rights of persons of certain ethnic groups, right to care for disabled persons, for elderly men and women, for the chronically ill.

Less than one hundred years ago, women in the States were granted the franchise, the right to vote – not as part of a family unit, but as a fully aware adult responsible for the birthing, rearing, teaching of children, and a list that goes on and on.  When women stepped over the line of their lot in life, they  were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured in this country. (Similar struggles took place in Great Britain as well). During this election period, I was amazed to hear women say they were not sure whether they would actually vote!

In the recent past we have finally passed legislation to support the women and children who are victims of violence. The woman whose partner turns out to be physically, emotionally, sexually abusive – is in danger. Leaving may be the only way out of this hellish existence, but it takes courage. It takes support. It takes a community able and willing to protect her and the children as this process works through.

For the past 25/30 years I’ve been advocating for a Violence Against Women Act. In Connecticut, there is strong legislation which came after a period of horrible deaths and injuries, emotional breakdowns, children at risk, caused by violence in the family setting. In addition, if a woman decides to leave, she is in more danger than ever for a time.

Budgets will be cut, but I hope to God that keeping families alive and free from criminal acts is too important to slice. Will you speak up now?






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